Sunday, April 23, 2017

Erin Moran (1960-2017)

Actress Erin Moran, most well known for playing Joanie Cunningham in the television sitcom Happy Days, and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi, has passed away.  

Moran also made appearances in many other shows. She will be fondly remembered by those who grew up in the '70s and '80s.  We'll miss you Joanie. 


  1. I'm a contributor over at "I Miss My Childhood" with Chelly. We were just discussing Erin, and how Happy Days was such a huge part of my childhood. This was really sad, and it brought back a lot of memories, kinda had to go dive into the vault and watch a few episodes. Anyway, I am enjoying your blog--I saw it on Chelly's links. I also have my own personal blog too. I'm going to add you if you don't mind, I love 80s memories. -Aunt Jackie

    1. Aunt Jackie- Yes, I remember reading a post from you at Chelly's blog about being a nonconformist growing up. I intend to comment on it when I get the chance. Thank you for visiting my blog, and you are definitely welcome to list my blog. I will do the same for yours (give me a few days, but I'll get it on my list). Yes, there seem to be a lot of beloved people passing lately, Erin being the latest. She will definitely be missed.

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