Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'80s Summer Memories

As we reach mid-August, it brought to mind some memories of '80s summers.

Check out this California Cooler commercial from 1986, which featured the '60s surfer classic "Louie Louie." The culture of the '80s had a great way of appropriating nostalgia of times past, and re-creating it in the '80s in a fun filled and often zany way. This commercial, for example, invokes this imagery of some far away, perhaps past, moment in time when people got together, sang wacky songs, and hung around the beach. It could well have been the surfin' '60s, but the commercial appropriates it for the '80s and leaves you with a very-80s spirit of fun and excitement.

And here's Bananarama, with their very summery hit, "Cruel Summer." The lyrics invoke the heat of the season.


  1. Cruel Summer reminds me more of the end of summer (like about right now) than summer itself. It always reminds me of The Karate Kid and is played as he is going to his first day at the new school.

    1. Yeah. Its kinda a downer song about summer in a way... all about how hot it is and "cruel" and lonely.