Monday, December 3, 2012

'70s Coke Christmas Commercials

This is the Coke Christmas tree commercial from 1977 which I remember so very fondly from my childhood. The song is "I'd Love To Teach The World To Sing," and it reflected in a beautiful way the spirit of the season. 

Heres a 1978 version of the commercial. Same song, a little different.

Here is the original classic commercial which used the "I'd Love To Teach The World To Sing" song. Entitled "Hilltop," this original version was not strictly  Christmas related, but rather was first released on July 1971. Its message was one of hope, and featured young people from all around the world assembled on a hilltop in Italy, each holding a bottle of Coke from their respective countries. The song "I'd Love To Teach The World To Sing," with the reference to Coke removed, later became a big hit for The New Seekers and a studio group called the Hillside Singers.

The above is a re-post of a post which originally ran on December 2, 2011.  New posts are being worked on, and will appear soon. However, this is a post I am particularly fond of, and its a pleasure to re-post it for enjoyment today. Best holiday wishes to everyone as we begin December!


  1. Even though these are 70s (and not 80s), they still bring back so many good memories. Thanks for sharing again.

    Best holiday wishes to you as well! I will be posting a few holiday issues soon, too, but you can search for the ones from years past as well.

  2. I'll be checking out your holiday posts, Old School.

    Although I am primarily an '80s fan, I can't help but remember fondly all these cool things from my pre-teen years. The Coke Christmas commercials of the '70s had such a hopeful and positive spirit. Theyre a good message for any decade and era.. even for today!