Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Those '80s Hair Bands. . .

The phrase "'80s hair band" has usually been applied to glam metal, but heres examples of two bands whose unique hair styles mark them as products of the '80s . . . fun, bizarre, wild products of a fun, bizarre, wild era.

The band A Flock of Seagulls have become memorable in part due to the quirky hair of their lead singer, Mike Score. His "waterfall" hair style is today remembered as one of the more garish examples of '80s new wavish fashion.

But just as equally memorable (once you've seen it, you can't quite forget it) was the band's video for the 1983 hit "I Ran (So Far Away)." Another '80s new wave video artifact made apparently with garbage bags, makeup, and a lot of mirrors, watching the video remains a frolic through '80s quirkiness . . . the thing that made the '80s such a fun time to have grown up in.

I always thought this video resembled the kind of odd dream that occurs after youve eaten too much pizza.

But not to be outdone in quirky, wild '80s new wave stylings is the band Dead or Alive, whose lead singer, Pete Burns, is no slouch to pushing the boundaries of fashion, hair and otherwise. Burns was androgynous, colorfully clothed, and armed with a hard-to-miss hairstyle as well as an eyepatch. Alas, he has been more recently in the news due to personal problems.

I remember seeing for the first time their video to "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," and hearing the utterly catchy song that went with it.


  1. I did like I Ran but didn't see the video of it until the early 90s on VH1. I wasn't into MTV in the 80s, too busy reading and studying. Mike and Pete's hairdos both scare and fascinate me.

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  3. LaraAnn: Growing up as a teen in the '80s, I don't think I quite realized how quirky and wacky so much '80s culture was. It was just the '80s to me. But now, its that quirkiness and wackyness that makes me nostalgic for the '80s. Hair and all!

    2RadicalDudes: Thanks!! Check it out, youre on my blogroll too. Keep on blogging!

  4. Holy memory trip! Awesome post Lazlo. You've inspired me to share a post I did on an old blog about my cousin's hairdo from the 80s (I'll have to add it to my blog soon). She had a huge pompadour type effect hurled atop the front of her head. It looked ridiculous but she loved it. I guess it ran in her family, because her brother was stylin' one of those Flock of Seagull's hairdos.

    It really was a decade filled with quirkiness and wackyness.

  5. Chelly: I'll check it out! The oddball styles are part of what made the '80s what they were.

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  7. Pete Burns, the lead singer of Dead or Alive, has a BIG problem with plastic surgery.

    He reported in '06 that he spent his LIFE SAVINGS having surgery to fix a horribly botched procedure to his lips. Which may explain some of his "Wildenstein" look today....

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