Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to the '70s: Schoolhouse Rock

I'm a bit late with this, but the 4th of July weekend brought to mind some memories of growing up in the '70s. Particularly of those Saturday morning educational segments called Schoolhouse Rock. They were animated musical segments dealing with some topic, such as science, history, language, etc.

Heres the segment that came to mind amidst the July 4th fireworks and festivities. Called "fireworks," it was a wonderful way to inform kids about U.S. History, and the music made it all the more memorable.

Heres my favorite Schoolhouse rock segment. I still think its an excellent way to teach about the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

I think these historical Schoolhouse Rock cartoons showed a rather positive view of the U.S., at a time (i.e. the '70s) when America was still reeling from the effects of Vietnam, Watergate, racial strife, gas lines, and the like. Perhaps these wonderful features helped to remind people of the good in America, amidst all the doubt. It did so for kids, at least.

For those who are reading this blog in the U.S., a belated Happy 4th !!   


  1. My brother and I loved these segments when we were kids. It was fun seeing these clips, they brought back good memories. Perhaps they should have kept showing them over the years. It was pretty bad when I was watching the news on the 4th and people were being asked things like what country did we gain our independence from and some people were giving the wrong answer. Some didn't know what year this happened either. I hope that you had a good time on this holiday.

  2. I'm on dial-up so I can't see the clips. One of my faves was "3 is a magic number". I don't think there were any shr cartoons i didn't like.

  3. I used to enjoy these when I was a kid, on the carpet in front of the TV on Saturday mornings. And they educated too!

    There were so many good ones: "A Noun is a Person Place or Thing," "Conjunction Junction", "Interplanet Janet", "Unpacked my Adjectives", "Great American Melting Pot," etc etc.

    Right now I have in my mind the jingle to the shr cartoon about "pronouns," cause saying something "over and over and over can really wear you down"!!!