Friday, April 29, 2016

Twisted Sister

Here's a blogcast from Slate magazine featuring an interview with Jay Jay French of '80s metal glam band Twisted Sister. Joining him is director Andrew Horn to talk about the new Twisted Sister documentary.  In the course of the interview we get to hear about this hard working band that took a long time to finally achieve stardom.  Twisted Sister started as an andogynous glam-rock band back in the early '70s, amidst the era of Alice Cooper, Kiss and the New York Dolls. They kept their dreams held with a tight grip as they saw themselves ignored by record companies. Then came the Glam Metal era of the '80s, and they acheived their final breakthrough.  Its actually an inspiring story.

Here's what we remember Twisted Sister for, the representation of metal rebellion for many teen males who just wanted to rock.  This is a classic video.

And here the rebellion moved to school. 

This song goes best with the interview. After listening to it, you become aware of what this song is about.

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