Saturday, June 20, 2015

'70s News Shows . . . for my Dad

Around the time of Mother's Day, I posted a remembrance of my mom's love of cop, private investigator, and action shows.  Now, for Father's Day, I have been trying to think of what my father liked when I was growing up. The first thing that came to mind was his interest in news programming and current events.

In particular, I am reminded of how back in the '70s he was a devout watcher of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.  I remember, like clockwork, my father would turn on that broadcast every night at 6:30 and follow it with great interest. Back in the '70s, during my pre-teen years, I had not yet developed much of an interest in the news, and found it all pretty boring, but I still remember how that news program started, with the teletype machine sounds in the background and the news program's logo announcing the show. Cronkite was famous for ending the show with "and thats the way it is." 

I searched Youtube for something news related, and found this excellent 1975 broadcast of CBS news, in top form, with Cronkite reporting on the Apollo-Soyuz linkup in space that happened that year. This appealed to me because I actually remember this event being mentioned in school, and also because I have always been (and still am) a major fan of the space program.

My father was a no-nonsense type of guy, always very practical. He was a history teacher in high school, and always interested in politics and issues and news. He was also a major follower of "60 Minutes" and would watch that show just as consistently.  As I grew from a goofy kid to an oddball, nerdy teen, I also developed a strong interest in news and current events, and I have my Dad to partly thank for that. I owe him a lot, for which I can only partly show my appreciation as I spend time with him this weekend.