Friday, July 3, 2015

1976: The Bicentennial

     Here in the United States, were about to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.  This brought back memories of the bicentennial of U.S. independence which was commemorated with major celebrations in 1976.  I was just 6 years old at the time, and in the first grade, but I remember how much emphasis was placed on it at the time.  Red, white and blue was everywhere. Commemorative bicentennial quarters were issued.  And people took time to take note.

Products were issued with commemorative bicentennial packaging, and the spirit of '76 was front and center on television, as in this Coke commercial.

Here's the ABC news coverage of the July 4, 1976 celebrations.  There was a fantastic parade of tall ships in New York, a speech by President Ford and the ringing of the liberty bell.

This was the post-Vietnam, post-Watergate era, and the U.S. was still recovering from the difficult and stormy period that was still a fresh memory. In a way, the bicentennial was part of the healing process.  

Of course, as a little kid, I didn't know all that. . . but how could I forget all the patriotic color and the fanfare.  It's a good memory.