Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese's

Here's a memory from my '80s childhood. I remember when I was growing up, Chuck E. Cheese's was all the rage. It was combination pizza place and video arcade which featured an auto-animatronic show aimed primarily at kids. Commercials such as this one were frequent, beckoning kids to Chuck E's world of games, fun and kid-centered entertainment. 

Finally, after seeing all the commercials, my family took me to the place. I remember enjoying the arcade, because as a typical '80s kid I was obsessed with video games. The auto-animatronic show was OK, and amusing for small kids, but paled in comparison with what you would find at Disney. I don't even remember the pizza, so I'll defer judgment. 

Recently, I read that Chuck E. Cheese's is having financial difficulties, the product of changing tastes. It really was a product of its time, I guess.