Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pet Shop Boys and Dusty

I've been on hiatus from the blog due to a busy job schedule, but now I'm back to my labor of love to my fave decade, the '80s.

As a re-launch of the blog, I'm starting a week devoted to cool '80s music. First up, a great song from 1987, a collaboration between '80s New Wave synthpop group the Pet Shop Boys, and classy '60s diva Dusty Springfield called "What Have I Dont To Deserve This."

This song has all the traits that made '80s music so wonderful. To begin with, the ability to seamlessly blend together the vibrant new styles of the '80s, with the classic pop of a previous great era. '80s were never ones to tear down the greatness of venerable older acts just to make way for the new, but instead seemed to find a way to bring both old and new together to created a wonderful new musical product.

There's also that terrific '80s melodic catchy-ness, brimming with '80s exuberance. And the colorful and dapper, yet fun, '80s style, as shown by the video.  

Update: Happy St. Pattie's Day!!

Just noticing that Rediscover the 80s blog has a piece about that legendary '80s Irish band, U2.   Check it out!!