Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Alarm: "68 Guns"

Lately, I've found the world around me to be a bit of a bummer. Theres a tense mood out in society today of anger and division, and of negativity. Maybe there are good reasons for tenseness, anger and negativity.  But it still can't help but make me sad about where we are, and wonder if things couldn't be better. I've been trying to include this mindset in some recent posts, such as that regarding Hands Across America, and the one about Restoring Lady Liberty

There has been a feeling in me of wanting to reach deep inside of myself for the ideals and dreams I hold dear, and to focus on them moreso than the outside world. Of course, my ideals may differ from others, and listening to each others' words are as important as hearing their voices. 

I am reminded of this song by the Alarm, an '80s Welsh group with a strong sense of protest. Here is a song that is very appropriate to the moment, "68 Guns" from 1983.  Its a song about holding on to your beliefs and being willing to stand for them.