Sunday, June 29, 2014

Casey Kasem 1932-2014

How could the '80s have been the '80s without the great Casey Kasem. I remember vividly spending a weekend afternoon in my room (being a nerdy "inside kid" to a great degree), and listening to the countdown of top 40 hits. And it was Kasem's velvet radio voice that announced them. In light of Kasem's recent passing... here's a tribute.

Of course, Kasem was on TV as well, doing what he did best... counting down the hits, and doing music dedications. This clip from "America's Top 10" should bring back lots of memories. It comes from May of 1983, as Michael Jackson mania was picking up, and as the Second British Invasion was sweeping the U.S.

Kasem was also known as the voice of "Shaggy" on the Scoobie Doo cartoon series, so you know he had a sense of humor. Here he is appearing on the David Letterman show (another '80s flashback), doing another type of countdown.