Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yahoo Serious

Anyone remember this guy? Yahoo Serious was an very '80s Australian comedian who is best known for his 1988 movie Young Einstein.  

Young Einstein was a major hit in Australia, and when it was released in the U.S., it sold tickets and made money. But the reviews were more mixed, and some of the humor didn't quite translate.  Serious did develop a cult following in an era full of oddball comedians... and that hairstyle says '80s if nothing else does.

Actually, I never really saw Young Einstein, but essentially its about the idea that the namesake genius was actually an Aussie who invented the bubbles in beer and rock and roll.  Here's a clip.  Serious was part of an overall American interest in all things Aussie back in the '80s, following up on Men at Work, Air Supply, Midnight Oil and Crocodile Dundee. 

I do need to do some posts about '80s comedians... it was a great era for quirky, odd humor.