Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cop and Action Shows . . . For My Mom

Since its Mother's Day, I'm going to dedicate today's post to my mom. 

My mother used to be a major fan of cop and action type shows back during the '80s. So, my tribute to her comes in the form of memories from those shows she loved so much way back then. 

Magnum P.I.  was one of them. She used to avidly watch this show whenever it was on. The theme song and visuals bring back quite a lot of memories from the early '80s. 

Here's another one of my Mom's favorites... Simon and Simon.  I didn't watch this one so much, but I remember that catchy theme song.

And Hart to Hart.  My mom used to get so much pleasure out of the action and the good guys vs. bad guys plots of these. 

She was in her own life a much more down-to-earth woman, a schoolteacher at the local high school, devoted to her faith in God, and to her family.  I am blessed to have had so many memories of my mom . . . family memories when we were out doing things together.  There were also moments of misunderstanding and disagreement, as there always are among people who love one another. In the end, I focus on the positive, the good memories.

My mom passed away back in 2003, after a long struggle with cancer.  I dedicate this post to her, and take hope in my belief that we will be ultimately reunited.  Here's to you, mom.

I recommend support for the American Cancer Society, and suggest a donation to them if you could.

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