Sunday, September 2, 2012

'80s Summer Songs: Suddenly Last Summer

I finally got my new computer... so I should be back to blogging more regularly.

Its Labor Day weekend in the U.S., and I hope everyone over here is enjoying it. Labor Day is often treated as the end of summer, psychologically if not scientifically. Therefore, it probably a good time for me to post another '80s summer song.

"Suddenly Last Summer," a 1983 song from the Motels, is particularly appropriate. According to Wikipedia, lead singer Martha Davis has said that the song came about as she was reflecting on her life ""how you know summer is ending when you hear the ice cream truck go by for the last time and you know he won't be back for a while".

You can just feel the vibe of 1983 in this song, which was a big hit that year.


  1. Welcome back! Missed having you around. Look forward to more posts and comments.

  2. Thanks OldSchool . . . good to be back. I'm in a bit of a personal transition at the moment, but I'm committed to doing this blog/labor of love to the '80s.

  3. Hearing this song made me more expressive and emotional and the singer is real a heart binder.