Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'80s Summer Songs: Cruel Summer

I was thinking about popular '80s summer songs, by which I mean songs that have the word "summer" in them, deal with summer and its varied activities, or deal with various aspects of summer. 

The very first song that came to mind was "Cruel Summer," by Bananarama. The 1983 song was a worldwide hit, and featured on an '80s movie classic, The Karate Kid.


  1. I did a post way back in 2008 which was the Top Songs with the word SUMMER in the title. It was not just 80s songs, but several surely made the list. Here is that post in case you care to check it out:

    To me though, the songs that remind me most of summer from the 80s were the ones that were getting heavy radio play during those summers. I connect those with general and specific summer memories and that always makes me feel good. Cruel Summer is one of those that has the word summer in the title and connects with me like that.

  2. Old School-- Thanks!! I'll check out the list. I figure its good to celebrate these classic summer songs while its still hot, and that sense of summer fun is still in the air.

  3. I like the song and the video is good also.

    1. Mike- Welcome... '80s music, gotta love it!

  4. What did they say? Things I can't understand.

    Nice to see this video again.