Thursday, September 15, 2011

When Party Was a Verb

One of the interesting things to occur in the 1980s is that the word "party," began to be used more frequently as a verb. Perhaps it all began with the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High during the early '80s, with the character of Jeff Spicoli, who became known for the quote: "Hey Bud, Let's Party."

Then it became a common theme in popular songs, such as Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time."

And Prince's "1999"

I remember once being out with a few friends, and having the distinction impressed upon me as to the difference between "going to a party," and "partying." Apparently, "going to a party" meant going to a specific get together (something which I, as a teenage misfit and loner, didn't do too much), but "partying" was something which one could do wherever one was.

Some friends, some good rock n roll on the radio, and there you were, "partying."

Such were the '80s. I miss 'em.


  1. Such a good observation! It's true, society turned the word into a verb...just like Google.